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MAIN is an international network of autonomous software metrics associations.

Presentation by Manfred Bundsc



  • Run conferences in cooperation with national software metrics associations.
  • Initiate and control common projects and working groups.
  • Provide via this website:

    News, Announcements and Information Articles, Downloads, Discussion Forums, Webinars, Links to other Resources.

    • Exchange of experience between organisations, individuals, and academia.
    • Promotion of measurement usage.
    • Harmonization of measurement issues, e.g. how to measure in certain environments, develop certified measurement expert Curriculum.
    • Develop a common knowledgebase of documents such as
      metrics papers, case studies, training materials as standards, research initiatives, benchmark database, collection of best practices

    Quarterly Reports

    Each Quarter MAIN Associations provide an update of their activities. Click on the links below to open the reports in a new page for viewing, or Right-Click the link and select "SaveLink as.." to download the PDF File.



    News from MAIN Associations

    aemes Spain - AEMES

    A one-day-Congress as planned to take pace May or Jun 2013. in Madrid. AEMES is planning to accept new individual members (only corporative members were accepted until now) These new members sholuld increase experience interchange events, new training requests, and other activities of our association.

    aemes Netherlands - NESMA

    NESMA has formed a new working Group to address FPA in Contract(ing) with the purpose of delivering a guideline that shows how to use function point metrics in RFP/RFI phase and in contracts. The group is chaired by Harold van Heeringen and its aim to have this document (in English) reviewed by MAIN when the draft is ready. Furthermore, the intent is to have it internationally recognized as a standard guideline to show the industry how to use function point metrics in demand/supply relationships.

    aemes Italy - GUFPI

    A new Board of Directors has been elected for the period 2013-16, the first meeting of the Board with GUFPI members will be held in May-June 2013 (possibly in Rome).

    A series of reports will be published during Q1/2013 which will include. translated standards, PIF (Productivity Impact Factor) for benchmarking and counting guidelines. These will be made available to GUFPI members.

    GUFPI is pleased to announce that it has been able to maintain the association fees for 2013 the same as for 2012.



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